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TPA is an active member of important associations and organizations of national and international prestige. The local and global support that we receive from them allows us to improve the quality and availability of our legal services, and to guarantee a globalized, direct and personalized advice.

In Venezuela, we are members of the Venezuelan Tax Law Association (AVDT), the Venezuelan Arbitration Association (AVA) and the Venezuelan Association of Gas Processor (AVPG). At the international level, we are exclusive Venezuelan members of the Latin American Tax and Legal Network (Lataxnet) and of the State Capital Global Law Firm Group. These organizations enjoy a presence on all continents, allowing their affiliates to create efficient tax strategies that are compatible with the demands of all countries in Latin America and around the world. We are also part of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators.

Most of our professionals are also members of the International Fiscal Association and/or the International Bar Association, institutions that encompass over 2.5 million law professionals from 183 countries around the world, making them two of the largest associations of lawyers worldwide.