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  1. Interview with Juan Domingo Alfonzo, published by Ámbito Jurídico (March 2014)

  2. TPA was present in the Latin American Regional Conference of the AIPN (February 2014)

  3. TPA participated in the 2014 Regional Latin American Conference “Heavy Crude-Oil Projects” organized by the International Petroleum Negotiators Association (AIPN), on 02/06/2014, and in the conference “Facing the Venezuelan and Latin American Infrastructure challenged to guarantee monetization, the Development and Financing of National Resources at HO”. The conference was prepared and given by our partners, Federico Araujo and Juan Carlos Garantón Blanco.

  4. Soteldo participated in the Forum “Experience in Administrative Auditing and Intervention processes in matters of Excessive Prices and Profits. General and Directional Recommendations”, organized by the Venezuelan-Colombian Economic Integration Chamber (CAVECOL) (January 2014)

  5. Juan Alfonzo talked about Fair Prices Law in the Forum “Decree with the Status and Force of an Organic Fair Prices Law” organized by the Venezuelan-Colombian Economic Integration Chamber (Cavecol) (January 2014)

  6. TPA participated in the “Pricing and Fiscalization” forum, organized by the British-Venezuelan Chambers of Commerce (Britcham) (January 2014)

  7. Carolina Soteldo discussed about Price Control at the Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Venamcham) (January 2014)

  8. Juan Domingo Alfonzo participated in the Forum on the Economic Price System in Venezuela, organized by (Venamcham), where he talked about the Latest Audits and Orders (January 2014)

  9. TPA took part in the Forum “The Venezuelan Economic Constitution and Audits by the Administration”, organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (December 2013)

  10. Carolina Soteldo participated in the Forum “Tax and Customs Issues Committee”, organized by Conindustria (December 2013)