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Working methods

The experience and knowledge we have amassed allow us to offer advice in complex and sophisticated international and multijurisdictional operations, including corporate restructuring, investment protection and advice in matters of tax efficiency in most high-profile projects in hydrocarbons, petrochemicals, mining and energy areas.

We have an active involvement in advising in matters of expropriations, takeovers and negotiations of acquisitions between private parties or the Government, including cases of international and institutional arbitration, such as acting as experts in such areas as mining, banking, insurance and financial matters.

Our firm also collaborates with institutional and nonprofit activities benefiting the best and most equitable development of the country.

The social commitment of the Firm and our professionals allows us to contribute to the welfare of the Venezuelans and spur various social initiatives, based on community development, comprehensive education and formation of both Venezuelan youths, and businessmen and executives, environmental conservation and raising awareness to strengthen basic values.